Lead Research 

Three of the most important factors for any business owner or Sales Manager in any business are
finding customers, effective use of your sales and marketing human resources and most of all,
meeting your sales targets.

Let us help you

We will take over the responsibility for obtaining the first of these, namely finding suitable leads for your sales force to focus on, they will become a focused and cost effective driving force behind your sales. Their time will be spent on their core responsibilities and their achievements so much more measurable.

With your sales and marketing team focusing on their core responsibilities, namely making sales, achieving your sales targets will become so much more achievable. We will ensure that we understand your business and your target market / Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). From this information we will utilize our resources to delve into various updated and accurate information streams (our field of expertise), to filter out your potential customer base and feed this info on a constant basis to your Sales and Marketing team. 

Constant, lead flow

Our lead researchers will ensure that you will receive a constant, up to date and ICP relevant up to
date lead info flow. Your lead database will cleaned up and updated. Our interaction with your sales
and marketing team (if any) is totally based on your preference and in-house process flow. We are
the glove that fits your marketing outreach hand. 

Managed email outreach 

One of the most successful processes we use to ensure that you receive quality leads from us, is
through our targeted outreach email campaigns. With the combination of your ICP as filter and
utilizing our custom made prospect profiles, which are updated from, among others, LinkedIn
profiles, company websites, and industry news sources, we target your email campaign. With our
marketing strategies and prospect info base we average between a 50-70% open rate!
What you get in your inbox from us are ready, willing and able customer leads! With every campaign
we run on your behalf, the prospect list is refined and the message sharpened to ensure even better
market penetration of your product or service offering.

Planning a conference?

You can also use our targeted research, for example finding the best possible attendees for a planned conference. We further offer assistance with market insights, based on information gathered through your email campaign.

Live Chat

Live chat is one of our services which can deliver a very high contact to sales conversion ratio to your
website. We can assist with and manage your LinkedIn account and create visual assets and
content, based on the latest info and trends in your industry, without you having to lift a finger.