There are many reasons why even great looking websites never get visited by potential customers

To mention just a few:

  • Your site and/or its pages might not be properly meta tagged (does not contain the embedded search words your potential customers normally use to find your accommodation).
  • Your website doesn't have a security certificate (SSL). Most search engines will omit results from sites without a certificate, as they are deemed to be dangerous to visit.
  • Your site might not be properly listed with the most used search engines like Google.
  • Your site might not be optimised to be viewed on the most popular devices. Many people these days make use of hand held devices (like iPad's / Smart Phones/ etc.) to browse the internet. If your site is not optimised to display properly on these devices, it will look messy, not show at all and potential customers will not be able to see and read the content on your site.
  • Your current site might not be user friendly and tedious to find relevant data on, or does not display the info or image of your accommodation in an attractive and alluring way.

The internet is the biggest business pipeline in the world, but it is of no use if you think you are connected, but for one or more of the above reasons your accommodation is not properly tapped in? has established its own successful unique offering to position our client’s businesses on the internet, with optimal exposure.