• Why is a simple website so powerful?

It's much easier to navigate. Imagine having to scroll page after page to find what you're looking for. No way!  Your customer experience is much better when your website is responsive and fast. More content, code and files can slow down your website significantly. Clear communication and a clean website design are key. It takes less effort to process simple language and a website stripped from all unnecessary decorative elements keeps your visitors focus on what matters.

  • SSL/data protection/webhosting/WAAS subscription

SSL & https:// 

We deliver secure https:// & SSL (the green padlock) websites, it's included in your subscription. Google also gives secured websites a higher ranking.


Data protection

We'll make sure all software is up to date and we take security measures to limit abuse and unauthorized access to personal data (See privacy statement). One example is that we do not store credit card or bank account details in our systems.



Potential customers can visit your website 24/7 all year round. We use a reliable, high quality and fast hosting provider based in the Netherlands. A high volume of web pages, pictures and traffic on your websites has no impact on the availability and performance of your website.


WAAS (website-as-a-service) Yearly Subscription

You can now "rent" your all inclusive website. We don't lock our customers into a long term contract, in fact you can cancel your contract anytime even if you paid a year upfront. We strongly believe that we have to earn your business every day and that happy customers will stay. It's always personal for us, as your success is also our success.  

  • I already have a domain; can I transfer or redirect my existing domain?

Yes - absolutely! We can help you with a redirect or completely move and manage your domain to our services. There is no extra cost for this service. Please do note that we can only manage email linked to a domain managed by our services.

(see our T&C's for all info about existing and new domain registration)

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The easier potential customers can find your website, the higher the chance of success. Using the right content and keywords - the keywords your potential customers would actually use to search for your service is of vital importance. SEO to make sure your website is searchable and easy to find in search engines like Google is included in your subscription. For 

  • Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, GoogleMyBusiness & Maps etc.

If you look at the bottom of this page you can see that we included social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GoogleMy Business. You have the opportunity to look at our social media business page and the option to like and share our website/pages with all your friends, all with a single click of your mouse. Try it out, feel free to like and share smallbiz-webs.com! Social media integration is included in your subscription, we setup your business' Facebook, Google and LinkedIn page. It grants a great opportunity to build your online brandpromote your business and attract more attention from potential customers.

  • Will my website work on a desktop, mobile phone and tablet?

Your website must work on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Almost everyone is using a mobile phone or tablet to browse the internet today. Your website might look a bit different depending on the browser you use but absolutely, all our websites have a responsive design and will work on desktop, mobile phones and tablets. It's a must when you want to attract more customers, as Google ranks websites with a mobile responsive design also higher than desktop only websites (See also basic SEO). In fact, Google will not even show desktop only websites when searching on your mobile device