Forgive us for taking the liberty of testing a few CRM tools for you!

And we are more than happy to go through all our findings with you but...

We're convinced that there can only be one winner when it comes to Customer Relationship Management tools for small and medium businesses. 


Have a look at a the below demo and what we truly love if we compare Pipdrive to other CRM tools is the absolute simplicity. 

  • Easy setup 
  • A clear and simple user interface, allowing users to start using the software without extensive or expensive training
  • The framework to enable you to create a formal structure around your sales process
  • Simple methods to tweak processes without rendering historical information
  • Standard and custom reports
  • The options for users to plan, monitor and execute daily or specific customer related tasks accurately, on time and according to set standards and schedules
  • Fast and easy monitoring of team members progress and activities as well as exception reporting on tasks
  • Ease of accessibility, anywhere anytime
  • Easy collaboration between members through transparent processes
  • Integration with  email, Slack, Mailjet and much more
  • Constant updating and enhancing  functionality, be ensured that your CRM will always be up to date

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